So things have been good lately.. cant complain.

• I have a buddy travelling out to South Africa today. My gosh! South Africa! Can it get any cooler than that? Hanging with his girl, voluntering at a elephant sanctuary, climbing, and just living the dream. Climbing in the Rocklands was actually featured in the recently released “Progression” movie (which is awesome!).. click here to check out the coolness!

• Some other friends of mine are heading out to Red River Gorge this week… another awesome crag located in the misty mountains of Kentucky. I think it’s Rocktoberfest actually… it’s been a few years since I’ve been there myself. Quiet possibly my most favorite crag in the states! Click here to get your RRG on.

• Other friends of mine are heading out to Italy and Coatia this week and next. My gosh! Everyone’s getting up and outta here!?

• We’re going absolutely nowhere right now but I’d thought I give myself a bullet point anyway.

• Last night I headed over the Jones’; always good times! Got to see all the cool new stuff Rob is doing. Below is a snippet of some of the cool design work he’s been crazy-busy working on. The thing he’s working on for the Stripes tour is looking very, very, very coooool! Click here to see more of his art and commerce.