Summertime… on film.

To say the least the summer was eventful. Montana, oh Montana! A beautiful state with beautiful scenery and even more beautiful weather. We gave our lungs a break from the humid hot bed of central Texas. I posted even more pictures awhile back of a wedding I shot there and some of our vacation photos, but seeing some of the film I just got back I had to share a couple of extra shots. We traversed from Gold West Country up on through and around Glacier Country.. two areas I would gladly love to see again (the breweries weren’t half bad either). Montana, oh Montana!

Yard work (ie. re-landscaping the back yard). Not something you immediately think about in record-breaking-Texas-heat-wave conditions. But, I guess something we decided to think about. It was everything you could possibly imagine, hot, tiring, but rewarding. Many thanks to my parents and the in-laws who braved the conditions to help get our little nest all nice and clean. And Robby Lee (landscaper extraordinaire) of course. Not to many pictures of the new yard, maybe something I’ll post onto Facebook or Twitter soon (or whatever innocuous social media I’m apart of). Maybe.

The little one we call “son” grew in leaps and bounds this summer. He learned the art of throwing a tantrum, blowing up in epic ways I never imagined, he’s all grown up and I honestly don’t know where all the time has gone (mind you it’s only been 14 months). With the sour comes the sweet, he now sleeps all night. I wish I could put into proper words how wonderful this is. It really is wonderful not floating out of bed half awake/half asleep four to six times a night trying to be half a normal person during “normal” day-time hours. The other big life altering milestone is that he can walk. Yes, standing, walking, using both legs and both feet to move from point A to point B. It’s amazing! Which, really it’s not if you don’t have or like kids, especially if they can walk. For me, for us, it’s simply amazing!

Back soon with more wedding fotos and anything and everything else.

The film: 135 Kodak Ektar 100