(An update: My wife has a new blog and also has a good breakdown of events, gotta check it out here: 30fingersand30toes)

Can I preface this by just saying this all just happened? No pretense, no copy editing, no weird photoshopping of images. Heart pounding, blasted with emotions, this is what happened yesterday:

Cecilia had been admitted into St. David’s Thursday mid-morning, contractions were pretty steady, but short. We played this game a few weeks ago and it turned into an extended stay at Seton with our lovely friends magnesium and steroid, and a lot of waiting around. Thirty-three weeks into the pregnancy this seemed the most logical thing to do. We were waiting to hear back from our new obstetrician (we mutually fired the last) but figured he probably would’ve admitted us anyway. Thursday was back and forth, nurse and on-call doctor shift changes (whom which we never interacted with before), contractions shifting in intensity, added to the fact we were that “VBAC couple” just made things tense and sorta weird for all parties. Added to all this we have a twin with Spina Bifida, so then everyone ends up having their opinion on the best course of action. Fun all around.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (ie. yesterday) consisted of mild to excruciating contractions for Cecilia… all in all never getting passed the 1 cm marker. Frustrating for her to say the least. Let’s go ahead and add in the biggest ass-hole obstetrician to the mix (I’m not outting any one but if you ask around and use some key words with someone in the know I’m sure they’ll nail the right answer) and the fact we were going to have to celebrate our sons birthday, possibly without him, on Saturday (ie. yesterday). More fun all around.

I’m glossing offer a few other details, like being moved to different rooms repeatedly, and pretty much being made to feel like the worst people on earth for wanting a VBAC with twins and especially with one having a birth defect.

I went ahead and crashed at home, Friday night, with hopes of giving our son some decent parent-on-child interactions on his birthday, even if no celebrations were had (our photo story begins). Plus, we got in touch with the nicest Doula who made the time to come see us at the hospital last minute (having not ever met with us before). Nerves were calmed. Saturday was going to easy, hang out, hit up the park with his favorite tractor, off to half-price books for a little splurge, get him down for a nap, and go see the wife at St. Davids. That all played out nice until we got to the phone call… Cecilia is now 2-3 cm. She’s already operating on little to no sleep and these contractions are never going away, ever!

I arrive. Being that this was us it only seemed appropriate that we be told that we were simultaneously “not technically in labor” and yet in “labor”. No food. No epidural. Just pain meds and that whole mantra of “your doing great!”.. luckily, winner of the a-hole-obstetrician-of-the-year-award wasn’t on call. I guess you can call that a win for team Hernandez.

What Happened Next:

  • Cecilia is having excruciating contractions, no more dilation than “2-3 cm”
  • Nurse shift change at 7p or 8p, can’t remember
  • Cervix check a little after that, water ballon 1 breaks (let’s have a little fun with this)
  • I’ve never seen my wife in that much pain (unless you count me forcing her to watch a Fast and Furious movie)
  • The Australian-Doctor-That-Smells-Like-A-Carton-Of-Cigs comes in and says “6 cm”
  • Doctor-That-Smells decides to break water ballon 2 manually
  • Somehow she’s even in more pain (I won’t try to make a funny about Fast and Furious movies, I know they suck)
  • Anesthesiologist makes his grand appearance and goes through his shpeal a minute later
  • The twins and Cecilia’s body are just not having in it and kick everything up a notch
  • We’re in full on labor mode people and we couldn’t have been maybe 30 minutes since that nurse shift change
  • A team of people rush in the room like it’s youtube flash-mob video.. no joke
  • We’re rushed into the OR, it’s a fact that there’s is zero time for ANY pain meds
  • Cecilia does everything, I mean everything with NO pain meds
  • Not to scare you, but YOU NEED pain meds when something like this happens
  • I’m shaking trying to get on the worlds goofiest steril out fit over my already goofiest regular clothing
  • Things get really real
  • I’ll spare you guys the rest of the details so just know Lalo was born about 9:01p and Adalina was born about 9:06p.
  • Let’s end this abruptly by saying the kids are beautiful, my wife is beautiful, and we now have three children that share the same birthday, and that’s friggin BEAUTIFUL! Adelina had her surgery this morning by her Neurosurgeon, Dr. George (see below). Still some things to watch for for the coming weeks, months, and years. It’s ok. Things worked out, even if we had to fight our way through it, they worked out.